Maharaj Ji Seeks Price Control, Ban On Luxury Goods

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Sat Guru Maharaj Ji
Sat Guru Maharaj Ji

Sat Guru Maharaj Ji the founder of  One Love Family sect,  has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to constitute a Price Control Board  in order  to ameliorate the impact of the current economic recession on ordinary Nigerians.

He also  told newsmen in Ibadan on Sunday  that a  price control mechanism would strengthen  the Naira.

The sect leader spoke at a news conference which  was part of  activities to mark his 69th birthday.

“We need to protect the value of our naira through the banning of some luxury goods that are not necessarily vital to people’s lives.

“The protection now is very important.

“Our government should reduce the price of cement to N300 to enable the country build homes for its people and if need be, government should empower Nigerians to import cement to bring prices down.

“The Nigeria Airways should be revived with the old buildings and structures rehabilitated in order for the country to compete with small nations which have notable  airlines  like Ethiopia, Cameroun and Kenya , ”  the sect leader  said.

Maharaj Ji also called for a reduction in airfares  for local  travels  within the country to a flat rate of N15,000 .

He argued that  state governments should be allowed to acquire planes in partnership with stakeholders as well as oil blocks.

He accused Nigerian banks of  operating as traders instead of being  “beacons of enterprise, reconstruction, innovation and productive activities.’’

“It will be necessary to nationalise some of them instead of watching our generation  suffer in the hands of European imperialism, ” he said.

He, however, expressed gratitude to the president on the steps taken so far at “ retrieving ’’  the Ajaokuta Steel Company, saying the organisation was   capable of  promoting  meaningful industrial progress.

The sect leader called on  government  to compel   all oil companies to release two percent of their gross profits for research in universities

“The local  refineries built by militants should not be  destroyed but improved upon  since they are inventions made out of necessity.

”There should be no more bombing of militants and the people in the oil rich area to avoid total collapse of law and order,’’ he said.

He further  called for a “ Pressmen Foundation’’ to  cater for  journalists wrongly sacked in the course of performing their professional duties.

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