LSCPW Screens Christian Intending Pilgrims

The Lagos State Christian Pilgrims Welfare Board (LSCPWB) has held its third phase of Administrative/Medical Screening for intending pilgrims to Jerusalem and the Kingdom of Jordan.

Speaking at the exercise held in the Board’s office at GRA, Ikeja, the Executive Secretary, LSCPWB, Mrs. Florence Yetunde Gbafe, said the screening is a prerequisite for all intending pilgrims to ascertain their state of health as the pilgrimage requires fitness and soundness of mind.

She added that the administrative aspect is to enable the agency to check the validity of the intended pilgrims travel documents such as passports and visas as well as to ensure compliance with the travelling requirements of the host country.

Gbafe noted that the medical screening exercise was also held to check for possible ailments and advise individuals on required medications before the commencement of the journey.

The Board Secretary further explained that the agency had previously held two screening exercises for intending pilgrims outside its office premises to accommodate the large number, while the intending pilgrims’ data had been sent to the host embassies for procurement of visas.

She pointed out that plans are already in place to ensure a seamless journey as there will be doctors, nurses, clerics and bus leaders to guide the pilgrims, stressing that there will be two people of the same gender attached to a room so as to serve as a watch for each other while there will be enough food for the rigorous pilgrimage exercise.

She also mentioned that there will be a service of dedication to commit the journey into God’s hands as well as training for operation staff for effectiveness before airlifting.

The exercise had about 100 intending pilgrims in attendance including two members of the Board, Mr. Yemisi Adeyemi and Mr. Adedamola Adeosun, as well as the medical team from the Lagos State Health Service Commission, officials from Nigeria Christian Pilgrims Commission (NCPC), and representatives from law enforcement agencies.

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