LP Wants Cancellation of Igbo-Eze/Udenu Federal Constituency Election

Umar Farouk, the National Secretary of the Labour Party, has denounced the House of Representatives re-run election in Igbo-Eze/Udenu Federal Constituency as a sham, urging for a complete annulment of the exercise. Farouk, who led a monitoring team to polling stations involved in the bye-elections, asserted that due process was flouted, accreditation compromised, and result sheets hijacked.

Addressing journalists alongside Labour Party House of Representatives candidate, Hon Dennis Agbo, Farouk highlighted instances where voters were allegedly barred from exercising their rights, BIVAS machines ignored, and accreditation processes undermined.

Agbo echoed Farouk’s sentiments, demanding the immediate and total cancellation of the supplementary election. He accused the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) of leveraging local government vigilantes to intimidate Labour Party supporters, alleging that party members were being driven away from polling booths.

Expressing dismay, Agbo claimed that INEC officials were allegedly taking directives from PDP officials and permitting voting in private residences, undermining the integrity of the electoral process.

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