Liz Benson Makes Grand Return In ‘Busted’

Liz Benson
Kate Henshaw, Paul Obazele and Liz Benson on set of Movie, “Busted”

By Rashidat Akashat with agency report

Nollywood legend Liz Benson made a grand return to the screen with the movie “Busted”.

The beloved diva, who left the industry to focus on her evangelism, took and owned the role her character plays in the movie.

Busted, which premieres on 21 May at Oriental Hotel, Lagos, was produced by Lisa Onu and Face Onu.

The movie also features other veterans like Kate Henshaw, Paul Obazele, TV host IK Ogbonna and some new but talented actors in the industry.

“Busted” tells the story of a gay couple. The movie is centred around a girl, Queen Edwards, who was born into a reputable home.

Her parents’ high-handedness and lackadaisical attitude led her (Queen) into the arms of a maid who lured her into lesbianism.

She grew up homosexual, dating and breaking up with ladies till she met Blessing, a gold digger, who was in it just for the money.

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