Liverpool Legend Slams Ten Hag Over Ronaldo Treatment

Liverpool legend, Graeme Souness has said Manchester United manager Erik Ten Hag has caused many problems in the club.

He said this amid Ten Hag discipline of Cristiano Ronaldo who recently left the stadium in the middle of a United game.

According to Souness, the manager will leave the club in five year’s time and won’t be remember.

“In five years, Ten Hag will be away from the club and nobody will talk about him and his spell as Manchester United ever again, but Ronaldo will always be remembered as arguably the greatest to have ever kicked a football,” Souness told talkSPORT.

“Does that give Ronaldo a pass? It does, in my opinion.

“This is Ronaldo, he is one of the game’s greats and you have to cut him some slack and keep him on side. You know that if you have got an unhappy Ronaldo in your dressing room that you have got a major problem for yourself.

“Let’s go back to the beginning – before the season had even started, Ronaldo declared he wanted to leave. So I assume the manager has sat in front of the player and said to him, “You’re not leaving, I want you to stay here.

“I guarantee you the next sentence out of Ronaldo’s mouth would have been: “I want to play, that is why I want to leave. I’m not playing enough.”

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