List of Countries Qualified for Euro 2024

As the countdown to the European Championship intensifies, at least 20 teams have successfully secured their spots for the highly anticipated tournament set to take place next year. In a decisive clash on Monday night, Italy solidified its qualification by battling Ukraine to a hard-fought 0-0 draw in their final Group C fixture. The defending champions secured the second spot in the group, finishing behind England, while Ukraine still has a chance to clinch a spot through the playoffs.

Tuesday night will witness the pivotal match between Croatia and Wales, with one of these teams joining the already qualified nations. The remaining three spots for EURO 2024 will be determined through play-offs, adding an element of suspense and anticipation to the final lineup.

The list of qualified nations includes:

Germany (hosts)
France (Group B winner)
Belgium (Group F winner)
Portugal (Group J winner)
Spain (Group A winner)
Scotland (Group A runner-up)
Turkey (Group D winner)
Austria (Group F runner-up)
England (Group C winner)
Hungary (Group G winner)
Slovakia (Group J runner-up)
Albania (Group E winner)
Denmark (Group H winner)
Netherlands (Group B)
Romania (Group I)
Switzerland (Group I)
Serbia (Group G runner-up)
Czechia (Group E runner-up)
Italy (Group C runner-up)
Slovenia (Group H runner-up)

With the lineup shaping up to feature a blend of football powerhouses and emerging teams, EURO 2024 promises to deliver a captivating and fiercely competitive tournament on the European stage.

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