Learn, Unlearn And Relearn

By Adedoyin Adediwura

I was speaking with a 47-year-old man whom I’ve known for more than twenty years. He was more of an existing man now, rather than a living one.

As I’ve always said, there’s s a big difference between living and existing.

We were discussing about life in general, and accomplishments. The man then told me about how he built the first ice block machine for Lever brothers, how he had the highest scores in NABTECH examinations, and how he seemed very happy and proud of himself then.

When he was done talking, the man sighed and ended everything with “those days“.

I didn’t understand what he meant by ‘those days’, so I asked him to expatiate. He told me that those years, he was barely twenty five. The 80s and early 90s.

The man lives a below-the-average life now, couldn’t earn much for himself, but vastly experienced in building and repairing old conventional machines.

In ‘those days’, he was the best in what he does, but now has a very bitter regret written all over his face. A face that without asking him I could understand.

While in primary school, I, Wura, was the best student. Not just in my school, I was the best overall student in the old Oyo State, and I was barely ten.

Everyone was proud of me, Tribune newspaper even published a story about my exploits. But I can’t stop wondering what and who I would’ve become now with just that one certificate and experience without adding to my knowledge.

Technology came, and took over from my unhappy friend. He didn’t bother to add to his knowledge, vocationally or educationally! He wasn’t just satisfied, he was contented.

Roughly twenty years later, he discovers he’s no longer relevant. All because he refused to unlearn and relearn.

The only thing constant in life, they say is ‘change’. It is okay to be satisfied, but very dangerous to be contented.

Continue learning, you can never learn enough. No one is an island of knowledge. Fill your brain with information, experiment with your hands and mind. As time changes, change with time.

Learn new tricks that applies to whatever trade or skill that you practise. Keep up with trend, else you will become irrelevant. No one is useless unless you’re not loaded.

Remember, if you’re not loaded, you cant be needed.

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