LAWMA Seals Alaba Rago Market Over Indiscriminate Waste Disposal

In a swift response to the growing sanitation crisis, Lagos State Waste Management Agency (LAWMA) has taken decisive action by sealing off sections of Alaba Rago Market just days after similar measures were imposed on Alaba Market and Trade Fair Market.

The move comes in the wake of repeated warnings to market operators to uphold proper environmental hygiene in the state.

This recent action by LAWMA has sparked controversy and criticism, with some traders accusing the Lagos State government of political bias.

Critics claim that the government has targeted Alaba Market and Trade Fair Market, predominantly inhabited by a specific ethnic group, while overlooking the equally unclean conditions in Alaba Rago.

The Lagos State government had previously sealed off portions of Alaba International Market and the bustling Trade Fair Market due to alarming sanitation concerns.

Despite these interventions, the sanitation issues appear to have persisted and even escalated in Alaba Rago, necessitating immediate attention.

The decision to seal Alaba Rago Market underscores the government’s commitment to maintaining a clean and hygienic environment for both residents and visitors in Lagos.

The authorities emphasize that these actions are taken to ensure the health and well-being of the public and to encourage all market operators to adhere to proper waste disposal practices.

As this situation unfolds, the controversy surrounding the perceived selectiveness of the government’s actions remains a topic of debate.

Nonetheless, LAWMA’s priority remains the preservation of a clean and sanitary environment in Lagos, and they vow to continue enforcing measures to combat indiscriminate waste disposal across the state.

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