Lawan Speaks On Running for Presidency of 10th Senate

The President of the Nigerian Senate, Ahmad Lawan, has vehemently denied rumors of his intention to join the race for the presidency of the incoming 10th Senate. In an official statement released on Tuesday, Lawan personally addressed the issue, affirming his dedication to ensuring that the forthcoming Senate is led by capable and deserving individuals.

Denial of Presidential Ambitions

Addressing the media reports that had surfaced, Lawan emphasized that he had not expressed any desire to vie for the presidency of the 10th Senate. While normally he would not have felt the need to respond to such baseless claims, Lawan acknowledged the potential consequences of leaving falsehoods unchallenged, as they could easily be mistaken for the truth.

He clarified, “I have never conveyed my intention to anyone, nor have I held any meetings suggesting my candidacy for the presidency of the 10th Senate. Therefore, I urge the public to disregard these reports entirely, as they hold no validity.”

Commitment to the Right Leadership

Lawan stressed his unwavering commitment to being an integral part of the leadership of the All Progressives Congress (APC), his political party. Recognizing the multitude of challenges arising from the ongoing contests for leadership positions within the 10th National Assembly, Lawan assured the public that he remains dedicated to finding effective solutions.

He stated, “As a responsible member of the APC, my primary focus is to actively contribute to resolving the various issues that have arisen in the pursuit of leadership roles within the 10th National Assembly. This endeavor demands my complete attention and will continue to be my priority.”

Prioritizing Party Responsibilities

Ahmad Lawan, as the President of the Senate, affirmed his allegiance to the APC and its goals. While the speculations regarding his presidential aspirations are baseless, Lawan reemphasized his commitment to the party’s objectives and the success of the upcoming Senate.

Lawan concluded, “I remain steadfast in my dedication to the APC and its endeavors. The challenges we face demand unity and collective efforts to ensure that the 10th Senate is led by competent individuals who can effectively address the issues plaguing our nation. This remains my utmost focus and responsibility.”

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