Lawan Holds Farewell Meetings With Aides, Press Corps

Ahmad Lawan, the President of the Senate, conducted separate valedictory meetings on Wednesday, expressing his gratitude to his legislative aides and the members of the Senate Press Corps for their invaluable contributions during his tenure.

During his meeting with his legislative aides, Lawan extended his heartfelt appreciation to the staff for their dedication and commitment in ensuring the success of his tenure. He acknowledged their tireless efforts and recognized their instrumental role in the achievements of the Senate.

In his subsequent meeting with the Senate Press Corps, Lawan commended the reporters for their exemplary work in providing effective and accurate coverage of the activities of the Ninth Senate. He emphasized the crucial role of the press in promoting transparency, accountability, and democratic governance.

The Senate President expressed his admiration for the professionalism and integrity demonstrated by the members of the Press Corps throughout his term.

“Just like we in the Ninth Senate said that we worked for National interest, this Senate Press Corps has also worked for the national interest. We can’t ask for a better Senate Press Corps than this one,” Lawan said.

The Senate President recalled the many achievements of the Ninth Senate and Ninth National Assembly in general.

“But who would have known that we have done that, if you didn’t tell the world. We have done so many things. You reported those things that we have done and one thing I can say here is that you remain factual, you remain truthful in reporting whatever happened in the Senate.

“Infact you are worthy partners of the Ninth Senate. We appreciate your commitment. We appreciate your patriotism.

“For us and particularly for me, this Ninth National Assembly, no matter what anybody will call it, we have done what we should do to ensure service delivery by the executive arm of government to Nigerians.

“At the last count, former President Muhammadu Buhari, assented to about 112 bills in the last four years. Some of them extremely crucial and critical bills…that have come to reform either our economy or the oil industry or our social environment or our electoral process, are things that we are very happy about and we have been able to achieve them.

“On the whole, this Ninth National Assembly has made its marks in the areas of legislation, representation and oversight. This is an opportunity for us to commend you for telling Nigerians about us and what we do here exactly the way it should be,” Lawan said.

He urged the Senate Press Corps to extend similar cooperation and support to the Tenth Senate and its leadership.

At another similar meeting with his legislative aides, the Senate President thanked them for their contributions in their different capacities.

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