LASPA Warns Against Assault on Public Officers

The General Manager of Lagos State Parking Authority (LASPA), Mrs. Adebisi Adelabu, issued a stern warning today, urging the public to refrain from assaulting officers of the agency while they carry out their official duties. This announcement follows a disturbing incident that occurred on Monday, October 16, 2023, when some LASPA officers were attacked while conducting an official assignment at 8b Samuel Manuwa Street in Victoria Island, Lagos.

According to Mrs. Adelabu, LASPA officials had approached The Kitchen and Accessories store to address issues raised against them by the owners of the property at 8b Samuel Manuwa Street. The dispute revolved around the use of the setback approved for the property’s occupants.

The General Manager explained that the LASPA monitoring and enforcement team arrived at the scene with the intention of courteously discussing the setback infractions with security operatives from the vicinity and employees of The Kitchen and Accessories store. However, instead of cooperation, the officers were met with immediate aggression.

The situation escalated rapidly, leading to the vandalization of the official vehicle deployed for the assignment. Furthermore, the assailants destroyed and confiscated the body cameras worn by LASPA officers, resulting in various degrees of injuries to the team.

Mrs. Adelabu firmly reiterated that the Lagos State Government will not tolerate any form of aggression or assault on its officials who are lawfully carrying out their duties. She assured the public that the agency will pursue all legal avenues to bring those responsible for the attack to justice.

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