LASEMA To The Rescue As Building Collapses At Ago Palace-Way, Lagos

The Lagos State Emergency Management Agency, LASEMA deployed its Response Team at Cappa Base, Oshodi to the scene of a collapsed building at No. 11, Chris Ngadi Avenue, opposite Kilimanjaro Restaurant, Ago-Palace Way, at the earlier hours of this morning, Saturday, 7th May, 2022.

Consequent upon the arrival of the Agency’s Response Team, it was discovered that a two-storey building collapsed.
Further information gathered from the residents revealed that the building gave signs several hours before it collapsed.

Fortunately, there is no record of loss of lives neither is anyone trapped as all the occupants evacuated the building 2 hours before it came down.

The Agency’s Responders conducted head count to ascertain that nobody was trapped or missing, thereafter, the building was cordoned off to avoid secondary incident.

The Agency’s heavy-duty equipment, excavator, has commenced controlled demolition to bring the building to ground zero.

Operation still ongoing.

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