LASEMA, Other Responders Battle Owode-Onirin Fire Outbreak

The Lagos State Emergency Management Agency, deployed its Resources to Owode-Onirin iron market today, Friday 17th February 2023.
Consequent upon arrival of the LRT at the incident scene it was revealed that a section of the market, line 1and line 2, was engulfed by fire.

Further investigation revealed that the inferno started from the back-shops and quickly spread to other parts of the section 1 of the market.

The Agency’s LRT alongside its Fire Unit, Men of the Lagos State Fire and Rescue Service worked together to put out the fire.

Fortunately, no loss of life nor injury recorded as a result of the incident.

Investigation revealed that the fire emanated from blacksmith shops. It was said the fire in one of the blacksmith furnace lines was not properly put out and re-ignited over time. The spread of fire was so spontanouse because of some combustible items in some of the shops on that same line.

An appreciable progress was made by the combined efforts of the LASEMA Response Team, its Fire Unit and Men of Lagos State Fire and Rescue Service in putting out the fire, as dampening down operation has been concluded.

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