Lalong Meets NLC, Expects Positive Results

The Minister of Labour and Employment, Simon Lalong, has expressed the believe that his meeting with the Nigerian Labour Congress led by Joe Ajaero would yield positive results towards solving the union’s grouses.

This was as he acknowledged the economic challenges faced in the country which formed part of the NLC’s grudges with the Federal Government.

In a statement, he said, “I, along with my colleague, Hon. Nkeiruka Onyeajeocha, today engaged in a crucial meeting with members of the Nigeria Labour Congress, led by their President, Joe Ajaero. Our objective was clear: to address the pressing issues raised by Labour and their looming threat of a complete strike.

“As I welcomed the NLC team, I emphasized that the government had duly noted the legitimate concerns voiced by Labour, which were currently under careful consideration. Our meeting aimed to scrutinize these demands closely, categorizing them into those that could be promptly resolved, those necessitating more time, and those requiring further deliberation.

“I acknowledged the economic challenges we faced, stressing the need to strike a balance between addressing the workforce’s concerns and fostering economic growth, thereby securing sustainable progress for our nation. I urged everyone to engage in open-minded and constructive dialogue to bridge any gaps between worker interests and our shared goal of advancing our economy.

“With confidence, I anticipated that this meeting would yield resolutions that would drive progress in the labor sector and foster a harmonious partnership between the government and the NLC, creating an environment conducive to the prosperity of our workforce.

“NLC President Comrade Joe Ajaero conveyed the frustration of Labor, citing previous unaddressed demands and the ongoing hardships faced by workers due to the removal of subsidies without corresponding palliatives or wage reviews. He also raised concerns about impostors attempting to take over the NURTW union illegally, leading to the closure of its headquarters and the arrest of its members, whom he demanded be released immediately.

“Following these statements, our meeting delved into a closed-door session to work towards resolving these issues and promoting a more collaborative and productive relationship between the government and Labor.”

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