Lai Mohammed Reveals How To Detect Sex Of Unborn Child Using N1,000 Note

Lai Mohammed Reveals How To Detect Sex Of Unborn Child Using N1,000 Note
Nigeria’s minister of information Lai Mohammed

The Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, has revealed how expectant parents can detect the sex of their unborn child using N1,000 note.

NAN reports that the minister made this revelation during the reception of the wedding of petroleum engineers, Tolulope Ajibola and Kolapo Faleye over the weekend.

Tolulope is the daughter Chief Simon Ajibola, a former Senator who represented Kwara South in the National Assembly while the groom’s father is Mr. Olufemi Faleye also from Kwara.

Addressing the couple and guests, the minister said going to the hospital or checking the sex of an unborn child through an ultrasound scan would not be necessary if his advice is taken seriously, a method he said has worked for him over the years.

“I am so delighted to be invited to be the chairman of this wedding ceremony because wedding ceremony is a thing of joy”, Mohammed said at the ceremony.

“I pray that happiness will not cease from our homes.

Mohammed, who is a staunch Muslim, quoted from the Holy Bible to the admiration of guests.

His words: “I will start my address by referring us to the Book of Isaiah chapter 4, verse 1 which says:

“The time shall come when seven women shall take hold of one man and say food, shelter we shall provide, please let us bear your name to save us this disgrace.

“So, I rejoice with Pelumi that God has given you, your own husband. I pray your union shall be fruitful and enduring.

“To the groom, I want to refer you to the Book of Deuteronomy 24:5 which says: When a man weds, he shall not be called upon to go to war or work. He shall stay in the house with the wife for one full year.

“I am going to speak with Mr. Faleye to allow you to stay for one year so that you can do your duty.

“I am going to end my address by giving you a valuable advice. By the Grace of God, Pelumi will be fruitful and give birth to male and female children.

“I am giving you this advice based on 38 years of experience in marriage with my wife, here, pointing to Alhaja Kudirat, sitting by his side.

“Whenever Pelumi takes in and you want to know whether the baby will be a boy or a girl, you need not go to any hospital or do any scanning.

“Follow my example which had worked and never failed.

The Minister told Faleye: “When the pregnancy is eight months old, take a brand new N1000 note, put it in the navel of Pelumi. If the baby moves, it is a girl. If it does not move, it is a boy. Don’t ask me why”

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