Lagos Warns Motorists Of Fuel Scarcity Impacts, Urges Responsible Parking

The Lagos State Government has issued a stern warning to motorists within the state who engage in the habit of parking their vehicles indiscriminately on highways and inner roads while attempting to purchase fuel.

As fuel scarcity challenges persist, the government emphasizes the importance of not obstructing traffic flow in the metropolis.

Engr. Abdulhafiz Toriola, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Transportation, expressed disappointment at the activities of motorists who park and queue in unauthorized areas, causing significant disruptions to the free flow of traffic.

The ministry urges motorists to exercise caution and refrain from impeding traffic movement. Toriola emphasized that no excuses can justify traffic violations and urged compliance with traffic regulations.

Efficient traffic management plays a vital role in achieving a seamless multi-modal transportation system in Lagos.

The government stresses the need for strong collaboration between the authorities and the motoring public to protect the government’s efforts from being undermined by unlawful parking practices.

The Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) has been empowered to enforce traffic laws and prevent any hindrance to smooth traffic flow.

The permanent secretary called upon residents to actively contribute to finding lasting solutions to daily traffic congestion by becoming law-abiding citizens on the road.

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