Lagos to Construct More Drainage Collectors in Agungi

The Lagos State Commissioner for the Environment and Water Resources, Tokunbo Wahab on Thursday said Government is determined to proffer a permanent solution to flooding in Agungi and environs through the construction of a bigger collector along Agungi road expected to bring relief to residents in that axis of the State.

The Commissioner who made the assertion while speaking with the press after a thorough accessment of the area following the flooding incidents experienced as a result of the 48hrs continous rainfall experienced in the state adding that the construction of a bigger collector became necessary along Agungi road to preventing flooding in the area.

The Commissioner accompanied by the Permanent Secretary, Office of Drainage Services, Engr. Mahamood Adegbite alongside Heads of Agencies and Directors in the Ministry visited Freedom Park Road / Kusenla Junction, Alpha Beach road saying that Emergency Flood Abatement Gang were deployed while the rain was ongoing to clear the debris in the collector at the aforementioned areas to allow free flow of storm water.

Wahab mentioned that during the tour that a minor encroachment was observed along Alfa Beach behind the Jame Hope University where a blockage was discovered saying that from Saturday full excavation will start from Alpha Beach to conservation road.

The Commissioner said the construction of a new collector at Agungi Road is just one of the several which the State Government would construct to address perennial flooding issues in the identified areas.

“At Agungi we have agreed that the area needs a new collector that will take the water from the road into the lagoon; the collector they have there is too small to Serve the volume of Storm water on the Agungi Streach” he said.

According to him, after the construction of a new Collector, Ministry of works and infrastructure will also be invited to raise level of road.
He recalled that the flooding issue on System 156 (Up stream) Alpha Beach Road has been a reccurring problem for quite a while stressing that the dredging of the channel would commenced immediately towards making the state flood free.
Wahab restated that people were discovered to have bullt to block System 156,emphasizibg that the state will not fold its hand and allow some people for profit making Sake to destroy public Infrastructure provided by individyals and Government.

“Like we have always been saying, people bullt to block System 156 and some families on this Corrider also obliterated with developers to block System 156” he said.

The Commissioner vowed that the State Government will continue to ramp up enforcement operations across the state to reclaim setbacks and drainage alignments towards preventing flooding.

He appealed to residents to be whistle blowers for government saying government cannot be everywhere. adding that people are used to having bad behavioral pattern, things cannot stop over night and Government Agencies and ministries will join forces to put a stop to these actions by enforcing our laws.


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