Lagos Take Action Against Unpainted, Unregulated Buses

The Lagos State Government has rounded up unpainted and unregulated buses in the state which were fostering an atmosphere of lawlessness and endangering the lives of Lagos residents.

This was disclosed by the Special Adviser to the Governor on Transportation, Sola Giwa, who said the sight of unpainted buses had become a common eyesore.

In response to these safety concerns, Giwa took a decisive action, with full support from the state government, to issue a resolute directive to confront this issue head-on. He tasked the Lagos State Transport Management Authority with the mission of rounding up the unpainted, unregulated buses.

A statement he shared read in part, “The primary aim was to ensure commuter safety and restore order to the city’s public transportation system.

“Equipped with this directive, LASTMA officers strategically combed the city, identifying and apprehending rogue, unregistered buses that operated without adhering to any safety standards. The operation was marked by its swiftness and efficiency, with each bus being stopped, inspected, and ultimately taken into custody.

“The core objective of this directive extended beyond safety; it aimed to oversee and regulate public bus operations. Hon. Giwa believed that a structured and regulated public transportation system would not only benefit commuters but also enhance the overall image of Lagos.

“To secure the release of apprehended buses, they must undergo a transformation, including being painted with distinct, recognizable colors and meeting safety standards. In no time, the streets of Lagos are expected to witness a significant positive change.”

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