Lagos Promises Reward for Staff of Materials Testing Lab

The General Manager of the Lagos State Materials Testing Laboratory Agency, Olayinka Abdul, has announced plans to reward dedicated employees committed to upholding the agency’s integrity and professionalism. This initiative aims to ensure the agency fulfills its mandate of securing lives and properties through rigorous testing of building materials.

Speaking at the inaugural staff forum following her appointment, Abdul emphasized the need for unwavering dedication to accurate and reliable test results. Addressing the agency’s personnel, she stressed the importance of rebranding operations to eliminate discredit and ensure the agency’s reputation remains untarnished.

“We must work together to uphold the integrity of our testing processes and safeguard the well-being of our community,” Abdul stated. She called for collective effort and commitment from all staff members to maintain the highest standards in their testing procedures.

Abdul’s message focused on fostering a culture of accountability and excellence within the agency. By recognizing and rewarding employees who demonstrate exceptional dedication, the agency aims to motivate its workforce and enhance the quality of its services.

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