Lagos Police Uncover Cult Retaliation Plot, Arrest Suspects

Lagos State Commissioner of Police, CP Adegoke Fayoade, revealed that on December 26, 2023, the police acted on credible intelligence, thwarting a potential cult retaliation plot in the Golden Estate Abisoye area of Lagos State. Suspected members of a confraternity were apprehended, with Rafiu Odeyemi (23) and Wesu Babatunde (23) found in possession of a locally made pistol.

In a separate incident on December 30, 2023, police operatives arrested Yahaya Abubakar (36) in Igbo-Elerin. Abubakar was seen loitering, and upon his apprehension, a locally made double barrel pistol with live and expended cartridges was seized.

Turning their attention to occultic practices on January 13, 2024, based on credible intelligence, police arrested Ifeanyi Nwodo (39) and Dainel Johnson (32) in the Agufoye area of Ikorodu. Investigation findings revealed their attempt to establish an occultic shrine named ‘Indian Occultic Temple.’ The duo aimed to defraud victims by claiming the shrine possessed powers to make them rich and successful. Various occult items, including a molded human head and crafted human effigies, were discovered in their shrine.

The arrests highlight the ongoing efforts of the Lagos State Police Command to address various criminal activities, including cult-related violence and illegal possession of firearms. Commissioner Adegoke Fayoade emphasized the importance of preemptive action based on credible intelligence to maintain public safety and curb criminal enterprises operating within the state.

These incidents underscore the challenges faced by law enforcement in tackling a range of criminal activities, from cult-related violence to unlawful possession of firearms and fraudulent occultic practices, as they strive to uphold the security and well-being of the residents in Lagos State.

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