Lagos Police Seize Locally Made Pistols in Stop and Search

The Lagos State Police Command reported a significant breakthrough in ensuring public safety as officers, while conducting a stop and search duty at Y Junction, Ketu on November 27, 2023, discovered an individual in possession of three locally made single barrel pistols. The suspect, identified as 24-year-old Solomon Ogunnike, was apprehended by officers from the Ketu Division.

The firearms, wrapped in a brown cloth, were found during a routine check, underscoring the importance of proactive policing measures in maintaining community security. The Command has initiated an investigation into the matter to unravel the circumstances surrounding Ogunnike’s possession of the illicit weapons.

The discovery of locally made pistols raises concerns about the potential threats posed by such firearms in the hands of individuals. The police’s swift action in apprehending the suspect reflects their commitment to curbing the proliferation of illegal weapons and ensuring the safety of residents in the region.

As the investigation progresses, authorities will seek to uncover any possible links to criminal activities and determine the origin of the seized firearms. The incident highlights the ongoing efforts by law enforcement to enhance public safety through rigorous and vigilant measures, reinforcing the importance of community cooperation in the fight against illegal arms possession and associated criminal activities.

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