Lagos Impounds Over 250 Vehicles for Indiscriminate Parking on Bridge

As part of effort to enforce traffic regulations and ensure public safety, the Lagos State Government has taken swift action to apprehend and tow vehicles that violated the seven-day vacation order on indiscriminate parking on major bridges.

The crackdown comes as the culmination of a stern warning issued earlier by the state government issued through the Special Adviser to Lagos State Governor on Transportation, Sola Giwa.

In a terse statement, Giwa declared, “Today, we put words into action!” Giwa, at the forefront of the operation, led a team of Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) personnel in the operation to enforce the parking regulations on Ebute Ero, Idumota, Apogbon, Carter, and Eko Bridges.

The enforcement operation resulted in the apprehension of over 250 vehicles, sending a clear message that safety prevails in Lagos. The crackdown is part of an ongoing effort to make the city’s bridges and roadways safer and more efficient for all residents.

Giwa extended a stern warning to the public, emphasizing the existence of ample approved parking spaces throughout Lagos. He urged citizens not to engage with area boys or resort to indiscriminate parking. This crackdown serves as a stern reminder of the government’s commitment to maintaining order and safety on the city’s critical transportation infrastructure.

The Lagos State Government’s prompt and robust action underscores its determination to uphold traffic regulations and ensure the well-being of its citizens. As the enforcement continues, residents are expected to adhere to the rules and regulations governing parking, contributing to a safer and more efficient transportation system in Lagos.

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