Lagos Fire Service, Nigerian Bottling Company Forge Safety Partnership

The leadership of the Lagos State Fire and Rescue Service (LSFRS) made a significant visit to the headquarters of the Nigerian Bottling Company (NBC) in Agidingbi Ikeja, Lagos, in a bid to bolster cooperation and bolster fire safety measures in the company and its surroundings.

Director Margaret Adeseye of the Lagos State Fire and Rescue Service highlighted the pressing need for proactive fire safety measures to avert disasters. She noted a worrisome surge in fire incidents, with 536 cases reported between January and February 2024.

Adeseye also briefed the NBC team on the upcoming Lagos International Fire Safety Conference slated for May 2024, urging active participation from their staff to glean insights into cutting-edge innovations and knowledge-sharing vital for fire safety.

She emphasized the mandatory fire safety certification for all companies, stressing NBC’s obligation to adhere to regulations to ensure the safety of operations, employees, and stakeholders.

In response, Adetoba Idris, leading the NBC team, welcomed the delegation from the Lagos State Fire and Rescue Service, recognizing the paramount importance of prioritizing safety measures to safeguard operations and communities.

Idris assured the visiting team of NBC’s commitment to preventing fire emergencies and fulfilling certification requirements, pledging swift engagement in documentation processes.

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