Lagos Environmental Agency Nabs Extortionists on Yaba Pedestrian Bridge

The Lagos State Environmental Sanitation Corps (LAGESC) has made significant strides in curbing illicit activities on pedestrian bridges, with the recent apprehension of two individuals accused of extorting traders and citizens in the Yaba area.

Reports indicate that these miscreants have been preying on unsuspecting pedestrians, demanding unlawful payments in exchange for passage across the bridge. This nefarious behavior has not only plagued the community but also tarnished the reputation of the area.

Following their arrest, LAGESC swiftly acted upon orders to arraign the suspects in court, ensuring that justice is served promptly. Additionally, efforts to track down other perpetrators who may still be at large are underway, demonstrating the agency’s commitment to maintaining law and order.

The crackdown on such criminal activities underscores the importance of effective enforcement measures to uphold public safety and security. Residents and traders alike can now breathe a sigh of relief knowing that decisive action has been taken to address this issue.

As the legal proceedings progress, authorities remain vigilant, signaling a clear message that extortion and other unlawful activities will not be tolerated in Lagos State.

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