Lagos Diverts Traffic At Agege Stadium For Post-Inaugural Program

In preparation for the upcoming Post-Inaugural Program scheduled to take place at Agege Stadium on Saturday, June 3rd, 2023, the Lagos State Government (LASG) has announced the diversion of traffic in the area.

To ensure smooth traffic flow, the following alternative routes have been designated for motorists:

  1. Motorists coming from Oba Akran can take the Pero to Otubu route via Mosholashi Alhaja, then proceed to Pen-Cinema to continue their journeys.
  2. Alternatively, motorists from Ogba, Wemco, and Akilo Road can access Oba Ogunji Road and continue towards Moshalasi Alhaja through Balogun Road (Maternity) for the remainder of their journeys.
  3. Traffic will be diverted through Shobowale Street, off Akilo Road, to connect to Agege Stadium.
  4. Those attending the event will be directed to Showonuola Street, off Alhaja One on Ogba Road, and then proceed to Oshitelu Street to reach Agege Stadium.
  5. Access to Agege Stadium will also be available via Wemco Road, towards Marketing on Ogba-Ijaye Road.

To ensure effective traffic management and control, the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) and other traffic enforcement personnel have been instructed to be present and vigilant.

Motorists are urged to cooperate with this travel advisory to prevent unnecessary delays in their travel time.

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