Lagos Cracks Down on Illegal Mining

In a concerted effort to combat illegal activities in the Solid Minerals and Mining sectors, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Office of Mineral Resources, has initiated a comprehensive monitoring exercise across all Dredging, Mining, Toll, and Revenue points in the five divisions of Lagos State.

Led by Engr. Abiola Olowu, the Special Adviser to the Governor on Energy and Mineral Resources (Office of Mineral Resources), the exercise is strategically designed to address and curb illegalities within the Solid Minerals and Mining sectors throughout the state.

During the visit to various dredging and mining sites, Engr. Olowu emphasized the importance of this initiative in ensuring strict adherence to Lagos State’s dredging and mining guidelines. Additionally, the exercise aims to foster positive relationships with stakeholders involved in these sectors.

Engr. Olowu conveyed the commitment of the Sanwo-Olu-led administration, facilitated through the Office of Mineral Resources, to initiate the enforcement of all pertinent laws regulating mining and dredging activities in Lagos State.

In a stern message, the Special Adviser urged all dredgers and miners across the state to obtain the necessary permits and regularize their operations with the Office of Mineral Resources. He emphasized that the days of conducting business as usual in Dredging, Mining, Toll-fee, and Revenue points activities are over, as officials are determined to enforce the laws governing these activities.

This monitoring exercise signals a proactive approach by Lagos authorities to instill compliance, regulate operations, and promote a transparent and lawful environment within the Solid Minerals and Mining sectors, as the state continues its commitment to responsible resource management.

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