Lagos Attracts 80% Of FDI Entering Nigeria – Sanwo-Olu

On the sidelines of the ongoing 77th UNGA, I held business discussions with a group of investors ready to come to Lagos State at a roundtable organized by the Business Council for International Understanding (BCIU).

I used the opportunity to highlight the major strides our state has made in the past three years and how we have executed our THEMES Agenda, despite COVID 19.

With a GDP of $145,141bn, our annual budget has doubled to about N1.7trillion and these have combined to drive the progress we see across sectors.

We are at the threshold of history with our ambitious transformation plans and hence, the reason we invite more investors into existing opportunities for further investment in water transportation, waste management, technology, education, health and other growth areas.

Because we are providing the right environment for private capital to grow, Lagos attracts more than 80% of the Foreign Direct Investment coming into Nigeria.

Our drive to make Lagos a 21st century economy continues unimpeded.

We have almost completed the laying of 3,000km fibre optic cable around the state for faster and cheaper internet connectivity that will boost productivity and efficiency.

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