Lagos Addresses Safety Concerns at Lekki Conservation Centre

The Director General, Lagos Safety Commission, Mr Lanre Mojola and Special Adviser, Tourism Arts and Culture, Mr Idris Aregbe have visited the Lekki Conservation Centre (LCC) following a viral video alerting the public on safety concerns at the centre.

The DG, Nigeria Conservation Foundation (NCF), Dr. Onoja was on ground to receive them.

Findings made revealed that the viral video was recorded in December and the issues raised were promptly fixed.

The LCC has been closed for extensive maintenance since 16th January 2024

The Lagos Safety Commission and Lagos Ministry of Tourism will continue to monitor the situation for the safety of everyone.

The DG, Nigeria Conservation Foundation (NCF), Dr. Onoja has assured the Center’s full cooperation with the Lagos State Government for safety of Lagosians towards the end of the scheduled maintenance.

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