Ladies Think I’m Impotent, Male Virgin Shares Experience

A Facebook user, Julius Chinagorom Chukwu, has said his decision to abstain from sex placed many challenges in his way.

Sharing on a Christian group on Facebook, Chukwu said pressure to prove that he’s not impotent made him end his last relationship.

In the comment section of the group, Chukwu said, “Some ladies don’t believe us because we are male (no blood or hymen to proof), because some of us are handsome and unbelievable…they think we are impotent or would have premature ejaculation, which are all lies.

“It is conditioning of mindset. It is not as if we don’t have erection or sexual urge. We do very well. Sometimes my morning erection stays too long that I have to take a very cold shower and play gospel song to calm down the tension.

“In my previous relationship I had to prove a point to let her know I am not impotent and not naive to romance (she was surprised of how good I am yet avoided penetration). I had to end the relationship because we are not compatible mentally especially on premarital sex.

“Aside fear of STI, STD, HIV, unwanted pregnancy etc, there are benefits I have experienced as a virgin. I am physically strong and resilient and determined, for my mental state is wired to focus as well as my neural system on a well performing state.”

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