Labour Party Slams Arabambi Over Attack On Obi

The Labour Party has said it will not to be dragged into buying from the same market with hirelings seeking to distract the focus of the party from realizing its mandate.

Nigeria is not new to characters who have chosen the ignoble role and will never give them the attention they are seeking, the party said.

“Our Party and the flag bearer have been consistent in insisting that due process must be followed to deepen and grow our democracy.

“We are therefore not going to join issues with anybody for matters that are already in court, especially with characters who serve for purely avaricious motives because for such people their livelihood depend on ensuring that the wrong thing is done no matter the consequences.

“Nigeria has passed this bridge before and survived menial workers like this and will also pass this, Bar Julius Abure is the National Chairman of the party, sooner than later these characters will expire,” the party added.

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