Labour Party Needs Control Of States To Make Peter Obi President – Ned Nwoko

Billionaire politician, Ned Nwoko, has said Labour Party needs the control of states before it can successfully make Peter Obi president.

According to him, the party lacks the structure even though its candidate is the most popular in the presidential contest.

Nwoko said this during an interview with BBC Igbo.

He said, “The support base is there with the labour unions, there are so many of them, students, the market people and all that. So he is a popular candidate, he will even be more popular in coming months.

“But he cannot become the President because he doesn’t have the structure. His party doesn’t have control of any State House of Assembly. He must have some Labour Party members controlling some states assemblies, he must have some Labour Party members in significant number in House of Representatives and Senate for him to become President.

“If by chance he becomes the President, how can he function with the PDP controlling the National Assembly for instance?”

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