Labour Issues Nationwide Strike Ultimatum to FG

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress of Nigeria (TUC) have jointly issued a 14-day strike notice to the Federal Government, citing the non-implementation of a critical 16-point agreement reached between organized labour and the government on October 2, 2023.

Expressing dismay over the government’s apparent disregard for the widespread suffering and hardship endured by citizens, leaders of the NLC and TUC underscored the urgency of their demands. The agreement, focused on alleviating the socioeconomic repercussions of policies such as the hike in the price of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) and the devaluation of the naira, aimed to mitigate the adverse effects on the populace and workers.

In a joint statement, the NLC and TUC emphasized their reluctance to resort to strike action, lamenting the persistent neglect of the welfare of Nigerian workers and citizens. The unions noted that the dire circumstances had left them with no alternative but to take decisive measures to safeguard the rights and dignity of the workforce.

Effective from February 9, the unions issued a stern ultimatum to the Federal Government, demanding prompt action to fulfill its commitments within the stipulated timeframe. The ultimatum underscores the unions’ resolve to hold the government accountable for its obligations under the agreement.

The looming strike poses significant challenges to the government, potentially disrupting key sectors of the economy and amplifying the grievances of workers nationwide. The NLC and TUC’s unified stance reflects the deep-seated concerns regarding the government’s handling of critical economic policies and its impact on the populace.

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