Kyari Gives Update on Nigeria-Morocco Gas Pipeline

The Managing Director and CEO of Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation Limited (NNPCL), Mr. Mele Kyari, has announced that the Final Investment Decision (FID) regarding the ambitious Nigeria-Morocco gas pipeline project is slated to be made by December. This development marks a significant step forward in the long-discussed initiative.

Discussions surrounding the establishment of gas pipelines, spanning thirteen African nations and reaching into Europe, are currently underway. The project, which entails the construction of a $25 billion, 48-inch diameter, 5,300-kilometer pipeline from Nigeria to Dhakia in Morocco, was initiated with an agreement signed by NNPCL back in 2017.

Upon completion, the pipeline is anticipated to transport approximately 30 billion cubic feet of gas annually, facilitating energy needs across the regions it traverses.

The emphasis on gas as an alternative energy source and a catalyst for economic diversification underscores its importance within the agenda of the administration led by President Tinubu. With energy security and economic development at the forefront, the project holds promise for bolstering regional cooperation and fostering sustainable energy practices.

As stakeholders move closer to finalizing the investment decision, the project’s progress remains closely watched, heralding potential transformative impacts for both Nigeria and its regional partners.

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