Kwara Holds Security Patrol, Show Of Force In Kaiama, Ekiti

As part of its efforts to prevent criminal elements from gaining a toehold in the state, Kwara State Joint Security Task Force has begun a fresh round of operations in Kaiama and Baruten local government areas of the state to further beef up security in the state.

The Task Force comprises operatives from various security agencies, including the military, police, and other agencies.

The show of force, an initiative of the state government, has seen the security operatives combing communities in the local government to flush out criminal elements who may want to hibernate in the area.

The security team has so far patrolled Kanikoko, Gegeji, Kokobigbe, Duse Dogo, Sabi Fili, Tunga Yakubu, Grichangi, Woro, and Venra. Other communities being patrolled are Gweria, Moshegada, Aboki, Gugiji, Nanu, Jonbiga, Karonji, Gwentte, Chikanda, the border town between Nigeria and Benin Republic, Yashikira, Gure, Shinatoko, Kuburufu, Yanri, and Kosubosu, among others.
The security team enjoined the people of the area not to allow strange people to hibernate in their communities, urging them to report any strange movement for the safety of lives and security in the axis of the state.

The security operatives also urged members of the vigilante and communities folks not to accommodate any criminal elements in the area.

Meanwhile, members of the vigilante have also begun routine combing of communities in Ekiti local government area in Kwara South Senatorial District.

The exercise, which is supported by the state government, begun over the weekend and comprises dozens of vigilante and local hunters who would work with local authorities to rid the areas of any criminal gang.

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