Kwara Govt Reacts To Claims Of Substandard Construction At Adeta Road

The Kwara State Ministry of Works and Transport has received some concerns about the alleged substandard works being done on the Adeta Road (Ilorin).

The Ministry, on behalf of the government, commends the citizens for being alive to their responsibilities of watching over government’s projects which are being done with public funds. The concerns are therefore well received and noted.

However, the Ministry wishes to reassure the general public that no substandard work will be done or accepted on all our ongoing projects.

The Reconstruction of Adeta – Pakata roundabout Road (with walkway) is one of the laudable urban renewal projects embarked upon by the Government of His Excellency, Mallam Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq.

The project’s scope of work includes:

1. Desilting of blocked drains
2. Provision of walkway on the existing RC drain
3. demolition and reconstruction of some sections of the existing RC drain
4. Complete asphalt of road section
Upon award of this project, the Contractor accordingly started the execution of the project with the desilting of the blocked drains and culverts, demolition of some sections of the drain to reconstruct a bigger one.

The public may please note that the construction of the walkway necessitated the reason to cut along the existing asphalt on both sides of the road to place the kerbs which is about 15cm thick. These kerbs are placed close to the existing drainage wall. The walkway will ease the movement of pedestrians, while motorists will also have reasonable road width for vehicular movement as pedestrians will no longer walk on the road shoulder but on the constructed sidewalks.

The drainage will also be protected from people who dump refuse directly in the drainage.

The areas of the drainage to be expanded have been noted in the work scope and this is being monitored; work has commenced at these sections, and we will ensure that bigger drains are built to contain the storm water and discharged appropriately.

The Contractor is mindful of the fact that the Ministry would not accept any substandard job. The Ministry’s representatives would ensure that all works are done according to specifications.

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