Kwara Govt Addresses Claims Of Spending N6bn, N800m Without Expenditure Receipts

The Kwara State government has reacted to a statement circulating on the social media purporting that it spent Six Billion and Eight Hundred Million Naira without expenditure receipts.

According to the government, the “statement is too sweeping and was without necessary context. It is therefore erroneous and misleading.”

This was disclosed in a statement issued by the Kwara State Auditor General, Adeyeye Omoniyi Samuel.

The statement read, “What the report, which is published on the state’s website as a matter of transparency and accountability, stated is that as at the time of the audit assignments, some necessary receipts were not attached with payment vouchers.

“It should be noted that audit queries are mere observations which requires clarification and once they are provided, issues were laid to bed. This was the case in this instance.

“Most, if not all, of the observed unattached receipts, have since been provided by the affected MDAs and issues related thereto also resolved. This will be reflected in the final reports of the State Auditor-General.

“We urge civic groups to endeavour to seek clarifications on technical matters and government’s audit processes so as not to mislead the public. What was published was a mark of transparency of the administration to show an audit process. This is commendable and should be encouraged by all, including civic groups.”

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