Kwara Governor Appoints Advisors, Emphasizes Diverse Expertise

Kwara State Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq has announced the appointment of three individuals to key advisory roles, highlighting a commitment to diverse expertise in governance.

Former House of Assembly member Abdulgafar Ayilara has been appointed as an Advisor on Legislative Affairs, tasked with providing strategic counsel on legislative matters. Moshood Alaka, previously serving as a Special Assistant, has been appointed as an Advisor on Party Affairs, bringing his experience to bear on political strategies and party dynamics.

Additionally, former commissioner Remilekun Banigbe assumes the role of Advisor on Environment and Disaster Management, tasked with advising on policies and initiatives related to environmental sustainability and disaster response.

Governor Abdulrazaq emphasized the importance of tapping into a wide range of experiences and perspectives to enhance governance and decision-making processes in Kwara State. These appointments reflect a concerted effort to assemble a team with diverse skill sets to address the multifaceted challenges facing the state.

With Ayilara, Alaka, and Banigbe assuming their new roles, the governor’s office aims to benefit from their expertise in legislative affairs, party dynamics, environmental management, and disaster preparedness. Their appointments signify a strategic move towards inclusive governance and effective policy implementation in Kwara State.

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