Kwara Gov Visits Flood Ravaged Farmlands, Sympathises With Victims

Governor AbdulRazaq Rahman of Kwara State has conducted an inspection of the flood-ravaged areas in Lafiagi and reassured the affected victims of his administration’s unwavering support and intervention during this challenging period.

The Governor expressed his commitment today at the Palace of the Emir of Lafiagi during his visit to the agrarian community of Pututa village and Gwa bridge, both heavily affected by the flooding in Lafiagi town.

Representing the Governor, Deputy Governor Mr. Kayode Alabi extended his sympathies to the residents and farmers who suffered immense losses due to the devastating floodwaters that engulfed Pututa village and Gwa bridge in Lafiagi community. The flood caused millions of naira worth of damage to their agricultural investments.

Alh. Mohammed Kudi Kawu, the Emir of Lafiagi, highlighted the recurring nature of the flooding, which has plagued the community for years. He attributed the main cause of the problem to the dredging activities in the nearby Niger River.

The continuous flooding poses a significant challenge to the local economy, especially considering that Lafiagi is primarily an agrarian community heavily reliant on farming.

The Emir commended Governor AbdulRazaq for his swift response to their distress call, as the Governor arrived at the affected areas within 24 hours to assess the situation and provide immediate assistance.

The Governor’s visit and reassurances have brought hope to the flood victims, who now look forward to the support and intervention promised by the state administration during this difficult time.

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