Kwara Braces for Potential Pipe Bursts Amidst Increased Water Supply Efforts

The Kwara State Water Corporation has announced its anticipation of potential pipe bursts and leakages around Adewole Estate and adjoining areas as it gears up to supply high-pressure and volume of water later on Sunday or early Monday.

Engineer Shehu Umar, the newly appointed General Manager of the Corporation, highlighted the objective of ensuring water supply to every street, even those that have experienced shortages in the past. However, he acknowledged that the increased pressure could result in leaks and bursts in certain areas.

Umar emphasized that streets lacking the Corporation’s pipeline network would not receive water supply but assured that they would be identified for potential pipeline extensions in the future. This strategic approach aims to address existing challenges and opportunities within the water supply infrastructure.

However, Umar also noted that the success of this operation hinges on consistent electricity supply at the Assa Dam axis in Ilorin, the state capital, from where the Corporation will pump the water.

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