Kwara Announces Monthly Sanitation Exercise Amid Easter Celebrations

Kwara State authorities have announced the scheduling of the monthly sanitation exercise for Saturday, 30th March 2024, from 7:00 am to 9:00 am.

Residents are urged to actively participate by cleaning both residential and commercial areas as part of the exercise.

The announcement comes amidst preparations for Easter celebrations, with officials anticipating increased vehicular and human movement across the state.

To facilitate waste management during the exercise, Waste Management trucks will be deployed for waste collection and disposal at designated dump sites within the metropolis. Additionally, efforts will be made to clear illegal dump sites in major areas.

Residents are reminded that dumping refuse at unauthorized locations such as pedestrian walkways, road medians, and drainages is prohibited by law.

Authorities have also warned against obstructing government officials from carrying out their duties during the exercise, emphasizing that any such attempts will be met with legal repercussions.

The sanitation exercise underscores the government’s commitment to maintaining cleanliness and ensuring a healthy environment for all residents of Kwara State.

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