Kogi CP Denounces Fake Statement On Seun Kuti Incident

Setting the Record Straight

The Commissioner of Police for Kogi State Police Command, CP Akeem Yusuf, has addressed the circulating news on social media regarding an alleged assault on a police officer by Seun Kuti.

In a statement signed by the command’s spokesperson, SP William Aya, Yusuf vehemently denied the authenticity of the statement attributed to him, which read, “Thank God Seun Kuti’s body didn’t end up in the Lagoon.”

Yusuf clarified that the comment is entirely fake with the aim to defame his character and reputation. He informed the public that his Facebook account had been hacked since September 2022, and he had consistently warned people to disregard any messages originating from that account. The dissemination of this false information is the work of mischievous individuals determined to tarnish the image of the police.

Clarifying the Hacked Account

Yusuf emphasized that the Facebook account attributed to him is compromised and has been under the control of unauthorized individuals. Since the discovery of the hack, he had made repeated efforts to caution the public against believing any content shared through that account. It is essential for the public to be aware that the false statement regarding Seun Kuti’s incident does not reflect the genuine views or opinions of the Commissioner of Police in Kogi State.

Malicious Intentions Exposed

The spread of misleading information is a deliberate attempt to undermine the integrity of CP Akeem Yusuf and the Kogi State Police Command. The Commissioner of Police believes that those responsible for generating and circulating the fake statement have ulterior motives aimed at tarnishing the reputation of the police force. The public is urged to exercise caution and verify the authenticity of news and statements before accepting them as true, particularly when sourced from compromised social media accounts.

Upholding the True Identity of the Commissioner of Police

Yusuf reaffirmed his commitment to serving the public with honesty, transparency, and professionalism. He recognized the importance of maintaining a positive relationship between law enforcement and the community. The Commissioner urged the general public to disregard the misleading information, as it does not align with his values or the principles upheld by the Kogi State Police Command.

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