Know The Meaning Of Your Valentine Gift

Valentine Gifts
Valentine (Photo Credit: Science of Relationship)

By Rashidat Akashat

Valentine comes with a lot of celebration of love between couples, celebrations also come with gifts.

What gift did he get you?

For some couples, gift speaks volumes, when compared to words.

Read What the gift he got you this season says:

Lingerie, from Fabz

Valentine Gift- Lingerie:

When a guy gifts you a lingerie and nothing happens today, it means he expects a lot from you in the soonest time.

Lingerie’s stands for protecting the V section, he wants to see that section looking appealing whenever he ever sees it.

It also reads a line of hope and in debt intimacy which would be expressed sooner.

Bottom line, if he is your partner who has been shy, but brazens up to get the “Lingerie,” Be ready!

Perfume( Photo credit: Gizmodo Australia)


If you both still see each other as “just friends” and he buys you a perfume, then he wants to be committed to you.

The perfume is for you to have a part of him, around you, so he sticks around you even when he is absent.

If you are already in an intimate relationship or are married, he wants you to wear that smell around him, trust me.

Diamond earrings (Photo from Ritani)

Diamond Earings

He gets you the stone, expect a bed bath. Languish in the fantasy of having a spoil time in bed as the flash rings through his imaginary sky in a world of just the two of you.

Roses (Photo from Pursuitist)


If he got you flowers, he wants them on your desk to prove to the world that you partner is a politesse.

He loves you seriously or might be infatuated but wants to keep you through the moment till it lasts.




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