Klopp Pledges Continued Support for Liverpool in Emotional Farewell

Jurgen Klopp has assured the city of Liverpool of his continued support even after his tenure at Anfield ends.

The German manager, in an emotional final press conference on Friday, vowed to always be available to help the city and its people.

Klopp’s heartfelt commitment came ahead of his last match as the Reds’ head coach, scheduled for Sunday. Reflecting on his time with the club, Klopp expressed deep gratitude and connection to Liverpool, emphasizing that his bond with the community would endure beyond his managerial role.

He said, “I said it before, I got the key of the city and for some it might be rather funny,” Klopp said. “For me, it feels like responsibility. I don’t think the club will need me in the future but if the city needs me, I’m there. I want to be helpful in whatever way.”

On his relationship with Liverpool supporters, he said, “I can’t. I try to explain why the people like me so much. I don’t understand it properly. We never really disappointed them. The club is special, the club means the world to so many people. Emails, letters, if I answer them all I’m here until 2028.

“I apologise. I couldn’t sort tickets for the last game, there were a lot of requests. LFC TV had me read letters yesterday. With one, I burst into tears. Football changes lives and I know that. We did that.

“Experience is there to learn from. Keep doing it for the next manager and you will feel the same way. We have very special supporters. The last nine years meant the world to them. I’m happy about that.”

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