Kidnappers Beat University Lecturer To Death After Collecting 1 Million Naira Ransom

Uinversity Of Port Harcourt/ Photo: The Will

Two kidnap suspects Patrick Koyi and Chituru Ferdinand, have been arrested by the police for allegedly kidnapping and killing a University of Port Harcourt lecturer after collecting N1.1 million sanction.

Lecturer Beaten To Death

Telegraph news reports that the police source said “The man was murdered by his kidnappers after a ransom of N1.1m was paid in two installments to them. The kidnappers first received a ransom of N700,000 from his family while he was alive, then they paid an additional N400,000 after he was killed.

When the kidnappers refused to release him, his family became worried and informed the police.”

Koyi who was arrested in connection to a stolen Techno phone in Port Harcourt confessed to the abduction and beating of the man to death.

He then led the security officials to his home, where Ferdinand whom he pointed as the mastermind of the abduction was arrested.

The lecturer attracted the abductors when they found out that he was building a massive duplex at Rumuji Town.



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