Katy Perry Drags Skeletons From White House To The Brits

Katy Perry
US singer Katy Perry performs during the BRIT Awards 2017 ceremony and live show in London on February 22, 2017

By Rashidat Akashat with agency reports

Brits staged a lot of captivating and dramatic performance from artistes, one of such is Katy Perry and her Skeletons kitted in red and white suit with matching shoes like American’s Trump and British May.

The Roar artiste took to London O2 Arena to perform “Chained To The Rhythm”, surrounded by dozens of artificial white houses.

Some puppeteers carrying two huge skeleton kitted similarly like Trump and May during their meeting in Washington last month joined Katy on stage.

Katy Perry Staged Performance Critics May

Theresa May, had faced criticism at home for being the first foreign leader to meet Trump at the white house, hours before they announced his head long ban which affected all refugees and persons from the seven Muslim-majority countries.

The similarities of the skeletons to the world leaders were obvious, which flanked comments on social media:

This performance has so far dominated the front page of British tabloid the Daily Star, with the headline: “Katy’s Brit of a horror show – Perry has a pop at Trump & May.”

The Mirror classifies her performance “Controversial” in which Katy “slams Theresa May”

During the “Trump and May” stage performance by Katy, one of the white-house puppeteers made it off the stage with a mad fall.

Perry was one of the top celebrity backers of Hillary Clinton’s unsuccessful presidential campaign and earlier this month wore a “Resist” armband during a performance at the Grammy Awards.

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