Katsina Police Speak on Officers Diverting Palliatives

The Katsina State Police Command has cleared the air concerning a viral video making the rounds on social media alleging diversion of palliatives by some officers on duty.

The command, in a statement, said, after a thorough investigation, it was revealed that the bags of rice seen in the video on the Police Motor Vehicle were intercepted and recovered from some unscrupulous entity that fraudulently obtained more than the necessary share of the palliatives and returned them to the venue of distribution.

“The video in question misrepresents the facts and attempts to exploit the good efforts of the officers deployed to the venue to provide support, and security coverage and ensure the smooth run of the event.

“The command wishes to strongly denounce and emphasize that these claims are completely unfounded and baseless. The video in question has garnered significant attention on social media platforms, capturing the public’s attention. However, we assure the public that the accusations made in this video are grossly misleading and aim to tarnish the integrity of officers and men of the Katsina State Police Command.

“The supervision and transparency surrounding the distribution process are of paramount importance, and we assure the public and relevant stakeholders that all necessary measures were put in place to ensure the smooth and equitable distribution of resources.

“We understand the concerns raised by the public prompted by this video; however, we urge everyone to exercise caution and critical thinking when engaging with online content. Sharing unverified information contributes to perpetuating misinformation and can have a detrimental impact on the reputation of officers saddled with the responsibilities of enforcing law and order and the overall well-being of the community.

“Together, we must unite to combat the spread of misinformation and work towards building a stronger and more understanding society.”

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