Kate Henshaw: Why I Love Muslim Way of Burial

Kate Henshaw (source: Instagram)
Kate Henshaw (source: Instagram)

Nollywood actress Kate Henshaw has declared her love for the Muslim way of burying the dead, Concise News reports.

Henshaw made this known while reacting to a post that Moh’d Bago, a member of the House of Representatives, who, in 2019, nominated installation of solar light (N103m worth) in burial grounds as constitution project.

The actress, who retweeted the post, questioned why the dead must be buried in tiled grave with 24 hours electricity and expensive coffin.

”We pay lip service to the words in our holy book. Why are you burying the dead in a tiled grave, 24 hours electricity and such an expensive coffin? Are they expected to wake to move around?? Let them rest in peace truly. I like the Muslim way of burial,” she tweeted.


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