Kano Gov Yusuf Orders Recovery Of Assets Allegedly Sold By Ganduje

In a bold move, Governor Abba Yusuf, the newly sworn-in Governor of Kano State, has expressed his firm stance on the alleged immoral plundering and sale of public places and assets by the previous administration led by Abdullahi Ganduje.

Governor Yusuf’s Determination to Address Plundering of Public Assets

During his address, Governor Yusuf highlighted the concerning issue of lands and assets that were “immorally plundered” and sold under the previous administration. He expressed his deep concern over the sale of public properties, including lands in educational, religious, and cultural sites, hospitals and clinics, graveyards and green areas, as well as those situated along the city walls of Kano.

The governor emphasized the importance of addressing this matter to ensure the rightful ownership and utilization of these vital public spaces.

Taking Action: Law Enforcement Agencies to Take Over Sold Properties

Governor Yusuf stated that immediate action should be taken to reclaim the lands and assets that were unlawfully sold.

He urged law enforcement agencies to step in and assume control of these properties pending a final decision by the government.

This measure aims to safeguard the interests of the state and prevent further unauthorized transfer of public assets.

By involving law enforcement agencies, Governor Yusuf seeks to ensure the preservation and restoration of public spaces for the benefit of the people of Kano.

The government’s commitment to addressing this issue demonstrates its dedication to promoting transparency and accountability.

Uncovering the Extent of the Sale: Identifying Lands and Assets Illegally Transferred

Governor Yusuf’s statement shed light on the gravity of the situation, revealing the indiscriminate sale of numerous other landed properties and assets belonging to the Kano State Government within and outside the state.

These properties were allegedly sold to individuals with close ties to the previous administration, raising concerns about corruption and favoritism.

The government is undertaking a comprehensive review to identify the full extent of the lands and assets that were illegally transferred. This assessment will enable the government to take appropriate measures to rectify the situation and reclaim ownership of these public resources.

Governor Yusuf’s determination to address the immoral plundering and sale of public assets signals a new era of accountability and transparency in Kano State.

The government’s actions aim to restore public confidence, protect public spaces, and ensure that public resources are utilized for the benefit of the people.

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