Kano Gov Directs All Commissioner Nominees to Declare Assets

Code of Conduct Rules Enforced for Government Officials

In a significant development, the Executive Governor of Kano State, Abba Yusuf, has issued a directive requiring all 19 Commissioner nominees to adhere to the code of conduct regulations.

As per the governor’s announcement, the nominees are obligated to declare their assets within the shortest possible timeframe, prior to their screening process at the state assembly.

Asset Declaration a Prerequisite for Cabinet Appointment

Governor Yusuf firmly asserts that no commissioner nominee will be sworn in as a cabinet member without completing the asset declaration form provided by the Code of Conduct Bureau. This requirement applies to all political appointees serving under the current administration.

The governor emphasizes his administration’s unwavering commitment to transparency and accountability, which he considers fundamental principles in governing Kano State. These principles were highlighted in his blueprint during the election campaign, and he intends to uphold them to ensure good governance.

Championing Good Governance through Transparency and Accountability

Governor Yusuf seeks to assure the people of Kano State that his administration will champion good governance by prioritizing transparency and accountability. By enforcing the code of conduct rules and ensuring asset declarations are made, the governor aims to uphold the trust placed in him by the electorate.

Moving forward, the governor’s commitment to the principles of transparency and accountability will guide the actions and policies of his administration, promoting effective and responsible governance.

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