Kano: Compromised Judiciary Dangerous – Bode George

Chief Olabode George, a prominent figure in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has voiced strong condemnation over the unsettling trend of judges overturning election victories. George’s remarks come in the aftermath of the contentious Appeal Court verdict that shook the political landscape in Kano.

The appellate court decision saw the nullification of Governor Abba Yusuf’s election, with Gawuna declared as the new winner of the gubernatorial race. However, the situation took a bewildering turn when the Certified True Copy (CTC) of the judgement contradicted the announced outcome, confirming Yusuf as the duly elected governor.

The court attributed this perplexing discrepancy to a clerical error, injecting an unexpected layer of confusion into the electoral process. Chief Olabode George, reacting to the developments, expressed deep concern over the erosion of public trust in the judiciary.

During a press conference held in Lagos on Monday, the PDP chieftain emphasized the worrisome aspect of a growing skepticism among Nigerians towards the nation’s judicial system.

“This system is worrisome because if the people don’t believe in the third arm of government anymore, anarchy looms.

“Obviously, the unholy alliances between some politicians and judges are dangerous to our democracy. Millions of people will come out on the day of the election, queue, collect ballot papers, and cast their votes for their preferred candidates, results will be announced, and everybody will jubilate only for three, five, or seven judges to upturn the popular will of the people.

“The best the judiciary must do in political cases is to adjudicate, and where there are discrepancies, order a rerun without giving victory to party A or B.

“It is wrong to remove the power of the electorate to elect political leaders and for the judiciary to tell us who the winners are. This is not good for Nigeria. This is not good for our electoral system. A compromised judiciary is dangerous.”

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